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My name is Tony Ejiogu, the APGA candidate for the scheduled November 11 governorship election in Imo State.

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Embracing Renewal and Unleashing Boundless Possibilities!

Thank You Ndi Imo,
My Governorship Ambition Is Not Greater Than Our Peace

It is with utmost humility and appreciation I greet you all.

This is my first-time trudging into the murky waters of politics as a direct participant. Be it as it may, I glorify God’s name and his mercies endures forever. Many never gave me a chance to show my capacity; others fought me, and many castigated and vilified me, but in all we came, we saw and all of us conquered together.

Our collective efforts will transform Imo

My 5-Point Agenda Highlights


The current insecurity in our land is a hydra-headed issue, but our administration would approach the monster with a multifaceted and proactive strategy that combines law enforcement efforts, community engagement, and technology.

Government & Social Reform

First, we must restore democratic accountability at all local levels, by ensuring that the third-tier level of government is truly functional. This will institutionalize and promote economic growth and sustainable development at the grassroot. Secondly, we must adopt new government and social reforms that would improve standards of living in Imo.

Power & Infrastructure

A reliable energy supply allows the economy to thrive, industrialization to expand, modern agricultural practices to be implemented, and trade to increase. Therefore, solving the issue of power will be our building block to escaping poverty and creating better lives for our citizens. My administration will commit to investing in infrastructure that will generate power for communities.

Digital Economy

In today's interconnected world, reliable and high-speed internet access is essential for economic growth, educational opportunities, and access to essential services. If elected governor, my administration will be committed to bridging the digital divide and ensuring that every resident and business has access to affordable, high-quality broadband internet, regardless of their geographic location. This is the first crucial step in the creation of a true digital economy and a conducive atmosphere for private-sector driven economy powered by technology.


Under my administration, agriculture will become the backbone of our economy, and it will play a crucial role in ensuring food security, reducing poverty, and driving rural development. If elected the governor of Imo State, my administration will be committed to revitalizing the agricultural sector, promoting sustainable practices, and enhancing the livelihoods of farmers and rural communities.


Our progressive government has outlined a 5-point agenda that aims to achieve several significant goals in Imo State. These 5 Key point agenda will Increase the state GDP by 50% in 36 months, boost IGR by 75% in 24 months, curb insecurity by 75% in 2 years, and improve the HDI to UN global standard of atleast .075.

The New Dawn Movement

The dawn that will see complete Local Government Autonomy where Chairmen, Councillors and LGA executives will be duly elected by the public without state government interference.

Where poverty alleviation will be used to combat and eliminate insecurity.
Where the state will be the technology hub of west Africa with our tech savvy youth trained and equipped with the skills to participate in the global digital market space.

Tony Ejiogu

mission & vision

United for a Cause:

Join hands and donate towards creating a ripple effect of Positive Change!

MarkAnthony Nze C.E.O @People & Polity

I encourage every Imolite to do the best they can for ensure Tony Ejiogu emerges as Governor. Every effort counts, no matter how small. This journey is not just for Tony or the Ejiogus but for every morally upright and good-seeking Imolite. Please let's all contribute in every way we can, spread the campaign information, reach out to the grassroots, support financially, and in any other way you deem fit.

Uche Odenigbo Business Man

This election is the fight for the soul of our dear state. Today Imo, the land of peace and tranquility has been turned into a killing field. Investors are turning away from our dear state, people are scared of returning home for fear of their lives. The list goes on. We can put an end to insecurity and bloodshed in Imo. We can rescue Imo. This election is an opportunity to get the Imo of our dreams. Tony is here to do just that. Ndewonu.

Rev. Fr. Bonnie Nkem Anusiem Ph.D

What Imo needs is someone that has a heart to listen to God. Some that values life. Someone that has the education and the experience to lead people. Tony Ejiogu is the answer to this. My knowledge of Tony Ejiogu and his rare qualities are powerful testimonials of his dexterity and capability to handle the Imo project.

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Thank You Ndi Imo, My Governorship Ambition Is Not Greater Than Our Peace

Thank You Ndi Imo, My Governorship Ambition Is Not Greater Than Our Peace

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The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA)

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