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Leading with vision, integrity and progress for all.

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Tony Ejiogu

I am an experienced Financial, Business Development Expert and an advocate for progress.


My administration would be committed to enhancing productivity, stability and educational transformation. We are ready to tackle challenges with expertise and knowledge.


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Early Childhood & Family Background

A testament to family values and community roots. Born on March 23,1974 in Umuakuru, Emekuku, Owerri. The first son of Sir and Lady Ambrose Ejiogu, Tony Ejiogu is proudly married with 4 beautiful children -2boys and 2girls.

Faith & Religion

Ejiogu exemplifies a humble Christian lifestyle, deeply rooted in respect for his culture and traditions. Behind the scenes, he actively engages in philanthropy, social interventions, education initiatives and human resources development. Through these endeavors, he wholeheartedly dedicates himself to fostering the growth and advancement of his community, making meaningful impacts while remaining modest and unassuming.

Early Educational Background

From Imo State University Primary School in Aba to the renowned St. Peter Claver Seminary in Ngor Okpala, where his distinct personality traits led him to be chosen as the Senior Prefect position at the Seminary. A role in which his leadership prowess flourished before he proceeded to the United States for further studies. His academic accomplishments were not mere credentials, as there were milestones on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Each degree earned, fortified his foundation of knowledge - unlocking new realms of possibilities and a promising future. As a testament to his unwavering dedication and thirst for knowledge he embarked on a transformative academic experience, culminating in a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Management at the prestigious University of Akron in Ohio.

Advanced Education

Ejiogu's quest for learning remained unquenched, driving him to push his boundaries even further. He boldly pursued his dreams by enrolling at Bowie University - immersing himself in a dynamic environment that nurtured intellectual growth. He emerged triumphant, proudly clutching a well-deserved Master's degree in Administration. His appetite for knowledge knew no bounds as he set out to the University of Maryland, embarking on a thrilling adventure in pursuit of MBA in Finance. Surrounded by brilliant minds and propelled by his own ambition, he thrived amidst cutting-edge curriculum, expanding his expertise and sharpening his financial acumen.

My 5-Point agenda
to transform Imo

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My Professional Journey & Experience

Investigative Business Consultant

Dun & Bradstreet

I started my professional journey here, where I gathered credit information on businesses and provided comprehensive reports widely used for government transactions and business assessments.


Baltimore, MD, USA

Program Financial Analyst

Booz-Allen & Hamilton

Enabling Excellence: Empowering the U.S Naval Sea Systems Command through Financial Management and Data Analysis for Defense Systems.


Baltimore, MD, USA

Financial Consultant

Financial Consultancy Private Practice

Unleashed Global Financial Potentials Advisory Services in investment services including mortgage-backed securities. Nurturing Democracy: Through Driving Financial Excellence as a Program Financial Consultant in the Middle east and North Africa while working with the International for Elections Systems (IFES).


Baltimore, MD, USA

Political Appointment -Senior Special Advisor (SSA)

Imo State Gov. Ikedi Ohakim

Forging Administrative Excellence: Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Governor Ikedi Ohakim where he spearheaded Policy Formulation and Public Service Enhancement.


Owerri, Imo, Nigeria


e-Horizon Consulting Limited

Economic Transformation: empowering Financial Management and driving Business Development for Sustainable Growth of businesses.

01 Sep, 2011 - Present

Lagos, Nigeria

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